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A look back at the QX Women of Work Club in 2015

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A look back at the QX Women of Work Club in 2015A look back at the QX Women of Work Club in 2015

As the silly season approaches, it’s a great time to look back at the events organised by our Women of Work (WOW) Club this year.

A brief history of the WOW Club

For the uninitiated, the WOW club is an initiative introduced to bring together female employees of QX who seek information and advice on issues specific to women. The sharing of ideas, discussing and finding new solutions, and the power of networking are important objectives of the club. We are delighted that we can support our female workforce in creating this exciting programme.

WOW 2015

Throughout 2015, we held various events including discussions on health and safety, investment planning, lifestyle management, yoga and aerobics.

As we begin to move into 2016, we’re highlighting the three events we found most fun and exciting.

Dance classes – Just as we were nearing the wedding season in India, we decided to run a few dance sessions. Vidhi Shah is a fantastically talented chartered accountant by day and a determined dancer by night. She made some time to inspire women to step up, lean in and sway in style. She said, “The women were excited about dancing and I just wanted to fuel their passion. It’s great that QX has taken an opportunity to introduce this initiative.”

Dance classes - WOW Club

Saree draping – This session was centered around draping a saree, which is essentially a South Asian female garment that consists of a drape varying from five to nine yards. Vinita Lahoti, who is not just good with managing clients’ accounts but also a saree expert, introduced all female employees to 9 new ways in which they could drape a saree – right from retro to indo-western!

Vinita Lahoti - Saree draping WOW Club

Travel tips for females – It is a myth that females cannot travel on their own, and our keen traveller, Swati Tulsiyan, dispelled the myth in her session on the dos and don’ts of travelling alone. Swati is passionate about helping women to step out of their comfort zones and become equipped to travel solo. She shared experiences from her own travel diaries (New Zealand and Sikkim) and told the group, “Soon more female travellers will embark on solo trips, leaving behind their male counterparts!” For many women this was not only a source of inspiration, but also of tremendous motivation and strength.

Swati Tulsiyan - Travel tips - WOW Club

That’s a wrap-up for this year

The next Women of Work event will be back again in 2016. Until then!

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