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First QX Women’s Cricket Tournament

QX Limited
QX Limited
first qx womens cricket tournamentfirst qx womens cricket tournament

To say that cricket is a national pastime in India would be an understatement. The sport of cricket in India surpasses all social barriers. Drive around on a Saturday or Sunday morning and you’ll find most grounds being utilised for cricket matches by people from all ages and backgrounds.

At QX we’re no different, we also have team members who are really passionate (or crazy depending on who you ask) about the sport. For years we’ve been holding internal matches that have sparked some great rivalries and this year we decided to hold the first QX Women’s Cricket Tournament.

Since this was the first time we were holding a women’s tournament we were uncertain about the response we’d receive. Needless to say, it is India and regardless of gender it seems the passion for cricket runs in the blood. The women of QX displayed great enthusiasm for the upcoming event and started to organize their teams and practices. The two teams consisted of one representing QX Recruitment Services and the other consisted of the combined divisions of QX.

The tournament turned out to be really fun and also thrilling, with the Recruitment Services team producing their ace card, Kanika Dham who led them to a 73 to 72 win. She had this to say about the match,

“The best part for me was the practice time, I got to know many new people and made some great friends. The ground was very lively with a great crowd and even a dhol player, it almost felt as if were playing an ODI. It reminded me of my first days of playing and listening to the music and batting almost to an internal beat that only hunted four’s and sixes.”

The other QX team, captained by seasoned veteran Dishant Desai, also performed very well considering many of the teammates had never even met each other before. In the end, the best part about the tournament was that everyone came together and supported each other, even if they weren’t sure about the rules and some never even having played before. The spectators were also captivated by the energy and enthusiasm the women were displaying.

At QX we’re firm believers in equality and work to ensure that regardless of all else, everyone is treated as part of the collective QX team. We know that there is still quite a disparity between the number of males and females employed at QX however, this should not limit the opportunities availed to them. We’ve worked hard over the years to implement initiatives such as WOW (Women of Work) group to support our female employees, women’s table tennis competitions and the women’s referral bonus to achieve more diversity and involvement at the workplace.

A special thank you to all the Admin and HR staff who assisted in organising and making this a successful event. Last but not least, a great big thank you to all the players and fans who came out and supported your teams, I’m sure everyone is looking forward to the next one.      

If you’re interested in joining the QX team, please send your CV to together with your full contact details.


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