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INFOGRAPHIC- Is your outsourcing partner GDPR compliant

QX Limited
QX Limited

QX is GDPR complaint. Is your outsourcing partner compliant?

QX is the 1st outsourcing company in India to become GDPR compliant. Our delivery centers met the requirements of GDPR on 26 April 2018 via the British Standards Institution’s 10012:2017 framework. We were awarded the standard exactly a month before the deadline comes into effect!

As the 1st GDPR compliant outsourcing company in India, we want our clients to be confident in knowing that we’ve taken all the necessary steps to not only keep their data secure but to only collect and hold what is required.

Is your recruitmentfinance & accounts or accounting outsourcing partner GDPR compliant? Insist on a GDPR compliant partner and assess their GDPR readiness first hand – non-compliance is not a risk worth taking!

We are also committed to helping our clients prepare for the obligations under GDPR. If you have any specific questions regarding the GDPR requirements, please email us at and our GDPR team will respond.

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