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My QX Journey by Rina Gohel Panjwani

QX Limited
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my qx journey by rina gohel panjwanimy qx journey by rina gohel panjwani

I joined QX in July of 2011 and am proud to be one of the first team members for healthcare in the RPO division. From the start, I was keen and enthusiastic to take up new challenges and do my best. I believe taking up new challenges not only motivates me but also gives me the courage to step out of my comfort zone and achieve much more.  

I had many tasks in the beginning, from coming up with healthcare manuals to training staff and looking after projects. I was looking after a healthcare recruitment process and am proud to have achieved the highest revenue in the first 1.5 years.

From this point I was provided many more opportunities to manage new projects, some single-handedly and exhibit my capabilities. I’ve believed what you do defines who you are and what you get out of life and QX gave me a platform where I was able to show my skills share my ideas and develop new innovations.

I believe one should always stay positive, happy and work hard for what you want out of life. I try to be open to criticism and also surround myself with happy, warm and genuine people. This has always helped me and I’m sure it’s something positive everyone can implement in their lives.

Just as with life work also has its ups and downs and I also went through the same. There were times when some of my projects were not realised due to economic downturns in the UK market. My post as team leader was no longer required in these projects which disappointed me but did not deter my resolve to keep focusing on my goal.

After years of hard work and the patience, I was promoted to Team Leader in 2014. This was only the beginning of happy times and also a new journey with greater responsibility. In addition to being promoted, I also met my future life partner who also works at QX and decided to get married. I felt great happiness as both my professional and personal life were blossoming simultaneously.  

I now look after a team of 38 individuals which exemplifies my ability to manage and grow within the organisation. I’m also proud of my achievements such as; the Annual Award in 2015 and also in 2017, Performers club, Star performer of the month and even an opportunity to travel to the UK in 2015 to stimulate my growth by exposing me to a new environment and new people – to see how things are done in the countries we operate in.

I am quite thankful to all my team, peers & seniors for the exceptional support that I’ve been given throughout my time at QX. I don’t see an end to my journey here in QX as I’m still going strong and expect more success, achievements & growth.

Some sayings I try to live by:

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