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QX 13th Annual Day wrap-up with plenty of pictures

QX Limited
QX Limited
qx 13th annual day wrapup with plenty of picturesqx 13th annual day wrapup with plenty of pictures

On Saturday 22 April, we held our Annual Event and this is the 13th year we’ve celebrated the success of QX Ltd and more importantly all the individuals who have helped us get to where we are today.  At the heart of our business is the passion and dedication of the 770+ team members that form the organisation across three countries.  

We’ve made great strides since last year’s event and wanted to share and reward the hard work that everyone has put in.     

QX was proud to be joined by a number of prestigious guests who included, in addition to some of our overseas clients who had travelled many miles to join us, Mr. Ajay Chauhan, retired Captain & Squadron Leader who is the Civil Aviation Secretary with the Government of Gujarat and also the CEO of GUJSAIL (a Govt of Gujarat enterprise).

Besides being a qualified pilot, he also has the distinction of being the ADC to two presidents of India, Shri K R Narayanan and Shri APJ Abdul Kalam.

Going Global

This year the theme focused on the growth of the company and our global expansion under the title of “Going Global - Bigger and Better”.  

QX provides services to an ever expanding set of clients which sees our activities taking place in countries such as Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, Singapore and even to further flung locations such as Tanzania.  The event was an opportunity for the staff to fully understand the globalisation of our company and the plans we have in place for the future.

As always, the event was a mix of awards, presentations, a fashion show and highly polished performances from our employees which included dancing, singing and also important messages; this year the support team gave us some powerful advice around the importance of seatbelts and helmets in road safety. 

Everyone was entranced by the children of the Shree LD Nayak Prathmik school who performed a delightful dance – QX provides financial support to 16 of the children from the school.

The event concluded with a group of musicians who came together to form the QX band.

Managing Director, Rajiv Bhatia, and Chairman, Chris Robinson, took to the stage to give their reviews of the year and to thank all the hard working staff for their input.  Everyone was left with the resounding endorsement that their contribution played a big part in the growth of the company over the past year and the plans for the next.


One of the most exciting aspects of the QX Annual day is the awards ceremony. Here we recognise the hard work and dedication by our employees and teams to QX’s growth. Every year we try to find the organisation’s best and brightest and with a team of over 700, the competition is fierce. 

This part of the event started with numerous individual awards for employees who stood out for their excellent work during the year.  This year we had a special Award which was built around divisional projects focussed on process improvements – benefiting not only those participating in it but also the divisions themselves; Recruitment Services, F&A Outsourcing and QXAS UK claimed gold, silver and bronze respectively in this highly coveted QX Process Excellence contest.

Outstanding individual Six Sigma Green Belt champions were also given awards and highlight the focus the company puts on process excellence.  QX Software Services, Recruitment Services, F&A Outsourcing and QXAS all claimed the Super Team Awards this year.  It takes dedication, loyalty and perseverance to stay with an organisation for 10 years and we we’re quite proud to award a number of team members with the 10-year completion award. 

Heads of the F&A Outsourcing, QXAS UK and QXAS Inc divisions were singled out for special Board awards.  Our support teams also play a big part in the success of the company and this year our Marketing Team were presented with the ‘Board’s Special Choice Award’ for their contribution to the global branding.  Congratulations to all the winners and good luck for next year.      


Thank you

For more photos of the event please go to our Facebook page and if you are interested in being a part of the QX team, please visit vacancies page.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this a great event. 

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