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QX 14th Annual Day wrap up and award winners

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QX Limited
qx 14th annual day wrap up and award winnersqx 14th annual day wrap up and award winners

After the Bachpan Reloaded Family Carnival wrap-up, we had another great event with our QX team members - the 14th QX Annual Day. We are overjoyed with the turnout in what is easily QX’s main event for our team of over 900 working professionals. It’s a big achievement and one we wouldn’t have believed possible after our 1st Annual day in 2005 with a modest 74 QXites in attendance. Thank you everyone who made the event so compelling.

The theme

Every year the QX Annual Day is represented by a theme which establishes who we are and where we are headed. To signify our continued desire to improve ourselves to become the best, the theme for this 14th Annual Day was, TRANSFORM. We all know that change is upon us. But the pace at which the industry is evolving is so quick; it’s critical to not just transform the workforce but lead the change.

In the last few months, QX has been going through a number of big changes. With the addition of new members to our leadership team and our expansion into new international markets, we are now on a journey to TRANSFORM into an even bigger and better organisation and achieve Executive Chairman, Chris Robinson’s Vision 3.0.

Performances and more

The Annual Day is a time to celebrate and remember the past year’s achievements and also to look forward to the journey ahead. Emcees Pramith and Rashmi stepped up and handled the role like the pros they are.

This year’s celebrations included a mix of awards, presentations, a fashion show and performances from our team members with plenty of awesome dance moves.

As always the children of the Shree LD Nayak Prathmik School were in great form and delighted everyone with their acrobatic dance moves. The audience was so enamoured by the children’s performance that they received a standing ovation. QX provides financial support to 16 of the children from the school.

QX Annual Day 2018 Award Winners

At QX we set high performance targets for ourselves and believe by achieving these targets we are able to not only progress but excel. We also feel as important as it is to meet the targets, it's just as significant to recognize and award the outstanding achievers. Celebrating the success of the company means also celebrating the success of individuals and teams.

We had some stand out achievers this year that were recognized on stage for their hard work and dedication to the QX way. We awarded a Bright Beginner award to five individuals who even though are quite new to the company have made their presence felt.

The Achiever Award was given to 13 individuals who have demonstrated an outstanding dedication to their role.

The Leadership award was given to four leaders who personified what it means to lead by example.

The New Challenge award highlighted individuals who took up a challenge and excelled.

Seven Team Impact awards were given to teams that consistently demonstrated how to work efficiently and productively as a group.

One of the highlights of the awards ceremony was when the 10-year completion awards were presented. Five individuals were given this award for having been with QX for 10 years-exemplifying dedication and loyalty.  


One of the primary objectives of this year’s event was to highlight the QX core values and to implement them into the Annual Day festivities. This year we gave team members an opportunity to nominate one another based on them exemplifying the value of PRECISE. This ended up being a huge success and it was wonderful to see how team members felt supported and wanted to show their appreciation to their colleagues. 

Chris’s speech

One of the highlights of every Annual Day is when Chris shares some words about how the company is doing and where it is headed. This year he focused on the core values of QX and how they are essential for the not only the business but also for each team member to be successful.

Chris had this to say in regards to the importance of core values “The core values are the heart and soul of who we are as a company. They attract like-minded people to the organisation and only when you have team members who share the same values will an organisation grow and prosper.”

Closing remarks

The evening wrapped up with everyone getting down on the dance floor and showing a few moves of their own. Thanks to everyone for making it an evening of celebration and camaraderie. We really hope that everyone who attended had a great time and enjoyed being a part of it as much as we did. Also a big thanks to everyone involved in making this a successful event and looking forward to seeing you there next year.

Group CEO Sumit Goswani had this to say about the event, "It has been a privilege and honour to be a part of the 14th Annual Day and the opportunity to get to know all of you a little better. Events like these allow us to reflect upon all the individual and collective contributions that everyone has made throughout the year. This was my first Annual Day but I’m already looking forward to the next one, hope you are to."  

We really hope that everyone who attended thoroughly enjoyed being part of it. We’d be very keen to hear your feedback on any aspect of the event, so please feel free to let us know on so we can continue to improve this in the future and make the 15th QX Annual Day in 2019 even bigger and better.

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