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QX appoints Sumit Goswami as new Group CEO

QX Limited
QX Limited
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A new chapter at QX started this week: Sumit Goswami has been appointed as our next Group CEO. That’s a big announcement for us to make. We have to stop for a minute and collect our thoughts.

Thirteen years ago, Chris Robinson – the current Executive Chairman of QX, brought together five people under one roof to offer something important. He saw an opportunity to address the issues business owners were faced with, namely staff shortages and a lack of time for business development. 

For many people outsourcing routine accountancy and recruitment work was tantamount to handing over their P45s! For Chris, the key to success was in persuading people that if routine work can be done cost-effectively elsewhere, their own jobs could develop along more fruitful lines.  Few British accountants ever get a chance to see their dreams become critically valuable to peers in the industry, to see themselves play a substantial role in shaping an industry, and to perceptibly change the world around them. We’ve done that, but there’s lot of changing left to do.

Today, QX has 820+ employees and 500+ clients worldwide. Each of our clients is looking for a more cost-effective and efficient way to get their work done. The requirements are massive. QX’s potential is tremendous. We’ve proven our potential. Now it’s time to bring it to fruition.

This means continuing to deliver high quality services. Yes, we are focused on that, but it also means building a great company that will go head-to-head with the established big players in the industry. We’ve been looking for the perfect CEO to help us build such a company, to bring together and motivate our burgeoning teams and to grow them to scale. We’ve found such a person in Sumit.

Sumit joins QX following close to 22 years of overall experience and 8 years in leadership roles at TCI, KeyPoint Technologies and Adaptive Mobile. Most recently, Sumit headed TCI (portfolio company of Eli Global), where he was responsible for its global operations and M&A strategy. Prior to that he was the group CEO and Co-Founder of UK based, AI and NLP provider Key Point Technologies, where he led teams across geographies, managed operations in various economies and delivered year-over-year growth by focusing on innovation and penetration in key global markets like US, China, South Korea and Japan.

Sumit loves achieving sustainable and scalable results more than anyone we’ve met. Most importantly, he loves the indelible mark QX has left in the global outsourcing industry - we are now the biggest outsourcing company in West India with offices in India, USA and UK! Sumit believes in what we’ve built and has the leadership experience to bring QX to all the organisations that are looking for technologically advanced outsourcing partnerships to focus on their own business development and profitable growth.

We are incredibly excited to have Sumit Goswami on board.  Join us in welcoming him to the team!

For more information, contact Vishal Kurani, AVP-Marketing. Email:  

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