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QX Dale Carnegie Training: Empowering our salespeople

QX Limited
QX Limited
qx dale carnegie training empowering our salespeopleqx dale carnegie training empowering our salespeople

The leaders of QX are focused on bringing out the best in people, so that all our staff operate to the best of their ability, are confident and empowered, and able to move the business forward.

Over the past month, 25 members of our Ahmedabad sales team participated in the ‘Dale Carnegie Sales Training: Winning with Relationship Selling’ workshop – the result of one of the partnerships we’ve entered into to improve the skills and competencies in our staff.

The 3-day workshop trained our employees in the art of successful selling, focussing on a complete understanding of the sales process and how to create a loyal client base by building customer relationships based on credibility.

New skills lead to increased sales

“Investing in our people pays off in the long run in our business results”, says QX MD, Rajiv Bhatia. “Dale Carnegie is one of the best training institutions across the world. Their Sales Excellence program aligns to our overarching principle of providing our employees training opportunities to develop their potential. Staff enjoys purpose-oriented and useful content from thought leaders, which is essential to our success.”


Training at QX

The willingness to learn is an essential requisite one must fulfil before a prospective employee joins QX.  Most importantly training is conducted on-the-job but as the levels rise, collaboration with external training institutes increases. It is each manager’s responsibility to identify training and coaching gaps within their teams.  Formal training programs, such as the Dale Carnegie workshop, are designed to improve the skills and competencies that are essential to enable individuals to develop. Therefore, they are delivered in the framework of individual development programs and not as a reward.

Praveen Singh, HR Director, QX says, “Sales excellence is just one of the several themes we areas we are focusing on as we move to our QX 3.0 strategy - other topics such as change management, presentation skills, customer centricity, sales acumen, operations, automation, technology, legislation and compliance are the current focus of QX’s offerings to support the careers of more than 800 of our employees across 3 locations worldwide.”

Learning is an important part of the QX culture and it has taken centre-stage in 2017. One of the most important parts of our business strategy is the development of our staff in all the countries they operate in.

The QX T&D policy

Staff development is firmly stated in the QX Training and development policy, a policy that encompasses the guidelines for the career development of our staff. These are some of the driving forces of the policy:

  • Skills & competency training for executives, supervisors, and members of the NextGen and LT teams.
  • Objectives based training – career growth, performance enhancement, business needs
  • New LMS (Learning Management System) for e-Learning
  • Exclusive “Cradle of Leadership” program for nourishing leadership talent

Chris Robinson, Executive Chairman said, “Our business model is evolving as we grow rapidly. So change is a big part of our daily lives right now. And an important aspect of the change is staying in touch with what’s happening in the world around us, and changing and then adapting accordingly. It is important to give people the opportunities for life-long learning. By doing this we don’t only enrich ourselves as a company, but also help individuals become more confident, autonomous and in turn more employable within the company.”

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