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QX Ltd Dungarpur Sales & Marketing Summit

QX Limited
QX Limited
qx ltd dungarpur sales marketing summitqx ltd dungarpur sales marketing summit

The city of Dungarpur is located in the southernmost part of the Rajasthan state of India, known for its exotic green marble and exceptional architecture of its palaces and royal residences. This year it was also the location for QX’s 6th leadership strategy meeting entitled “QX – 3.0 – Transformation & Change”.

The meeting is an opportunity for the global Leadership Team of QX to meet with the Chairman, Chris Robinson and the Board, to present results from the previous year, review how the business is developing, and share and develop strategies for the upcoming year.

Going Global

The general theme for QX this year is to focus on the global market.  QX has reached a stage where expansion is imperative and not just local expansion but in fact, global.  QX already provides services to clients from countries such as Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, Singapore and even Tanzania.  Venturing into these new geographies has allowed us to collaborate with new businesses and expand our network and this is just the start.

The drive to become more of a global player has always been one of QX’s goals and with the changes taking place in its core UK market, it’s clear that it is on the right track by expanding its operations worldwide.  The intent behind this move can be demonstrated by the appointment of Sahdev Thakur as Vice President Sales, North America,  giving QX a greater foothold to explore untapped markets in the US and Canada.


This year the team discussed and strategised a number of areas which included:

  • Greater focus on business branding
  • Driving efficiencies by utilising new technologies and systems
  • Developing new initiatives to recruit, engage and retain talent
  • International expansion with primary focus on North America


In 2016, QX grew by 28% year-on-year while employee growth was up a healthy 15%. Executive Chairman, Chris Robinson had this to say about company growth, "If there is one reason why QX has evolved over the last decade to emerge as one of the top quality providers of outsourcing services in India, it’s because we have invested in our core values to the point that they have become a part of our culture. And this culture is putting ‘People at the heart of everything we do’, be it customers, employees, community or business partners.”  The involvement of the leadership team in the ongoing planning is a vital component of this philosophy.

The offsite meeting provided a great venue and opportunity to discuss how QX will be moving forward in the coming year and we look forward to implementing these new ideas and plans.  

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