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QX makes debut in training and education with QX Academy

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Earlier today we launched the QX Academy, the dedicated training and education arm of QX in Ahmedabad. The academy aims to provide trained and skilled accounting talent to QX via our job-assured, training programs.

As first, the QX Academy will focus on the ‘UK accounting and Tax’ program for young Commerce graduates and working professionals.  This is intended to create a talent pool of accountants, equipped with the requisite technical and professional expertise to join the highly specialised accounting workforce at QX Ltd.

Head of the QX Academy, Jay Joshi, said, “QX’s recruiter teams have found that the skills gap in Ahmedabad is primarily a training and knowledge issue.  There is a mismatch between what is being taught at colleges and what the students face in real life. The QX Academy will bridge the gap between meritorious talent and vacant jobs that are difficult to fill due to a shortage of skills.”

Details of the inaugural courses:

  • UK Accounting & Tax

Our flagship three month program focusing on UK Accounting Standards, Bookkeeping, Accounts finalisation, VAT, Taxation and use of UK tax and accounting software. Students successfully completing the training program are employed on QX Ltd payroll in Ahmedabad

  • Advanced Excel

Taught via guided demonstration, this is a month-long, add-on program exploring Excel as a tool for solving accounting problems.

The QX Academy's Head Trainer, Jay Joshi, is an experienced accountant with over 14 years in accounting and taxation. He has also worked as a QX accountant with some of the UK’s leading accountancy firms, and for the last 4 years has trained hundreds of QX accountants in our Ahmedabad and Baroda offices.

The program will initially be launched in Ahmedabad and will cover additional cities such as Baroda in near future.

For more photos from the inauguration ceremeny, please visit our Facebook page. And to learn more about the QX Academy, please click the link below:

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