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QX offers outstation candidates highly subsidised accommodation

QX Limited
QX Limited

More than 10 of our new outstation candidates are preparing to move into Godrej Garden City as part of our initiative to help them find affordable housing in Ahmedabad. The offer will give experienced professionals from Gurgaon, Delhi and Mumbai joining QX the opportunity to choose between furnished single and twin-sharing apartments with exemption from paying the 3-month deposit fees and undergoing reference checks.

QX’s new employees in the scheme receive highly subsidised accommodation with furnishings, TV with DTH connection and cooking facilities.

The move comes after a discussion with QX’s outstation staff who found that securing quality and affordable accommodation in Ahmedabad a major headache. A majority of last year’s new hires lived in rental property with the remainder living in paying guest houses, commuting to our offices in GNFC Infotowers in Western Ahmedabad. In our discussions, we found that the majority would like help from QX to find suitable accommodation.

Chandresh Panchal, VP-Administration, said, “The availability of affordable rented accommodation could be a problem for professionals, especially for staff that are joining us from cities like Gurgaon, Delhi and Mumbai. An initiative like this seeks to remove costs of high agent fees and 3-month secuirty deposits for staff that are joining us from other metro cities of India.

“QX is the fastest growing KPO in Gujarat, recruiting more than 200 staff in 2016 with the majority working in our Ahmedabad offices. With so many people arriving in Ahmedabad to work for QX, we feel it is the right thing to do to provide more support. We believe this initiative will have a positive impact on our outstation staff’s experience of joining QX, helping to turn the process of relocating to Ahmedabad from a daunting to an exciting prospect.”

Gunjan Sinha moved from a KPO in Delhi and joined QX as an Assistant Accounts Manager in QXAS, our Accounting KPO division. He moved into his twin-sharing apartment in Godrej Garden City over a month ago. Gunjan said, “I moved to QX last month straight from an accounts outsourcing KPO in Delhi.  I knew that finding affordable accommodation is difficult in any of the bigger cities in India. The best housing is generally very expensive and the agent fees are very high, not forgetting the 3 month seuciryt deposits and reference checks. When I heard that QX helped it's staff with accommodation, I was really excited at the prospect of moving to Ahmedabad. It’s going to make a real difference for people who are thinking of moving to a new city.”

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