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QX teams up with kids from Special Olympics to bring you Bachpan Reloaded

QX Limited
QX Limited

The QX teams took to the field once again to showcase their strength and talent in QX’s Bachpan Reloaded. Following up from the last Bachpan event, we were once again lucky enough to be joined by some exceptional guests from the children’s Special Olympics. Their enthusiasm and fun loving spirit got everyone in the correct mindset for things to come.  

The four teams; RPO Transformers, QX Paltans, F&A Ninja’s and QXAS Achilles were ready to show their might.

The main event of this Olympics was to be the tug of war which everyone was looking forward to. The afternoon started off with a bit of rain but that only seemed to add to already competitive environment. Many of the participants had brought along their families and no one wanted to admit defeat in front of them even if it could be blamed on Mother Nature!

The stakes were high and all the teams had prepared their war songs and dances. The man leading the event Executive Chairman, Chris Robinson had this to say about the event:

“The Bachpan Reloaded event was created for two purposes. One was to demonstrate how well we can work together if we have a focused goal and strategy and the other a health and wellness initiative that gets everyone out of their normal routine and into something a bit fun”

The points are still being tallied but we can at least tell you that QXAS Achilles dominated the three legged race while the F&A Ninjas took first place in the infamous tug of war!

Check out all the pictures on our Facebook page.

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