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Vinita’s QX adventure part 1

QX Limited
QX Limited
vinitas qx adventure part 1vinitas qx adventure part 1

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step”- Martin Luther King.Jr.

My journey begins with my first step i.e. after my graduation where I decided to pursue my MBA. I got admission in North Gujarat University which was 60 km away from Ahmedabad. I happily accepted the opportunity as I have only one simple rule in my life, “just follow your goals and you can reach your apex.” So I was having a well-set goal (MBA) which would take me to my correct destination.

There were numerous hurdles such as having to commute daily by bus. However, I was not fearful as it would enhance my ability to manage my time for studies, preparing presentations, exams, survey, research and much more.

Initially, during my MBA course I never participated in events however, thanks to my faculties who motivated me and made it mandatory to participate in all inter college competition proved to be a successful factor in my career and life for forever.

My self-assurance and goal oriented focus have allowed me to excel and as a result, I’ve gained the following achievements which I’m proud of:

  • Secured 3rd position in “The Unassailable” - National Level Summer project competition organized by S.V. Institute of Management on 15th September 2009.
  • Secured 3rd position in “Arth”-Product Launch Competition organized by NSVKM Institute of Management on February 2009.
  • Award winner in Rangoli competition secured 2nd position in 2008. (At V .M. Patel Institute of Management)

Hard work pays off. Here comes my result for MBA:

  • Sem-1 secured 8th Rank in University.
  • Sem-2 Secured 6th Rank in University.
  • Sem-3 Secured 2nd Rank in University.
  • Sem-4 Secured 5th Rank in University

My time at college not only allowed me an opportunity to gain new knowledge and further my studies, it also let me step out of my introvert shell and face challenges as a modern woman in this modernizing world.

After my MBA, the time to decide for the next step had arrived and I began searching for a job. At last, I got the opportunity and yes it was QX!!! I was hired as a Jr. Accounts Officer in September of 2010. I was very excited as I was entering into a new life in the corporate world.

All went well and my family also agreed with my career choice however, I would like to add one fact that the social culture from where I come from women never worked outside the home. Nonetheless, I am blessed that my family (especially all credit goes to my grandfather) always motivated to move ahead to fulfill my desires.

Stay tuned for part 2 of Vinita’s QX adventure...

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