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Working with family at QX

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working with family at qxworking with family at qx

When one thinks of the traditional father daughter relationship they most likely picture a young girl being encouraged and protected by her father. The same rings true of the father and daughter that this article is about. However, what makes this story interesting is that this combination work for reputable outsourcing firm QX Limited in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Associate Vice President of QX Accounting Services, Parag Sutaria was placed in an interesting situation when his daughter Kartavi also started working part time within his team. The situation arose after Parag started sharing a cab and conversing with Rajiv Bhatia, Managing Director of QX Ltd. They were discussing their daughters and Parag mentioned that his daughter will complete class 12 and wants to become an ACCA.

They came to the conclusion that Kartavi could start building up her accounting experience by working part time at QX Accounting Services in her father’s team. The beauty in this approach is that it prepares an individual for the “real” world. In this environment she would be able to take the theoretical knowledge she’s learned and apply it to practical situations. It would also introduce her to a working culture lifestyle and how to cope with teams made up of different individuals aiming for one goal.

I spoke with Parag and inquired about how it must have felt having his daughter working within his team. What he said made me appreciate him not only as an individual and a father but also as a human being. He mentioned the best part about having his daughter work alongside him is how he could see her grow and mature as an individual. Taking part in company events and small things like having lunch together at work was a great bonding experience that not many parents get to enjoy. 

Obviously, every parent is happy but also concerned when their child starts their first job. It’s an unknown situation with unknown people, so there is always a concern in regards to assimilating to a new company culture and individuals. What really surprised Parag was how well his daughter adjusted to the new QX environment and he believes the primary reason is because of the guidance received not only from himself but essentially from the rest of the team.

Everyone in the organization was quick to appreciate that Kartavi was only in her first year of university and this was a completely new experience for her. They all pitched in and helped out in any way they could. They made sure to impress the importance of understanding the accounting systems and to also know how and why they were doing tasks, instead of just following processes blindly. This dedication to the development of each individual is a testament to the culture of QX. The belief that the organisation is made up of individuals and they need to personally succeed in order for everyone to succeed.

When I asked Parag what was his favourite part of working with his daughter he told me that he felt grateful and proud to be able to participate in company events with his daughter. He was able to see her come into her own during events like the Rangoli and Garba competition. At QX we look at the big picture and understand that relationships can be maintained as long as professionalism is also preserved. In the past and present we’ve had siblings and even married couples working alongside each other without any cause for concern. The story of Parag Sutaria and his daughter are just one of the many wonderful ones at QX.

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