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QX Accounting Services

Partner, Accountancy firm in Staffordshire

testimonial QX Ltd. provides a very high standard of work within agreed timescales. The work returned is of such a high quality that it can be used to conduct client review meetings immediately on its return to us.The team at QX is approachable, friendly and there is very much a personal service. We have a dedicated client contact at QX and all contact is through him, mostly by email but also by telephone as and when this is more appropriate.Overall, we are very impressed with the friendly, reliable and high-quality service provided by QX Limited and would have no hesitation in recommending their services to other accountancy practices.

Partner, Accountancy firm in Barnsley

testimonial When I gave your team the first accounting job, I was skeptical of the accuracy. The speed with which I received the completed job added to my uncertainty of the quality. I actually spent a couple of hours reviewing the files myself. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the accuracy was no less than what any of my accountants deliver and, in some areas, better than my own team! The little notes reinforce my belief in your team’s attention to detail. If you ever need a reference, please do not hesitate to call me!

Founder, Accountants and Business Consultants, Preston

testimonialI now feel far more confident that I am able to increase my business with QX as my outsourcing partner.

An accountancy firm in London

testimonialI have been really pleased with how quickly QX staff picked up my practice systems and processes. Their professionalism and hard work ensured that the 31st January deadline this year was a huge success. Before engaging QX I had been turning new clients away, for fear of not having staff to deliver. This is no longer a concern of mine. I had used outsourcing before for “overflow” work and was not happy with turnaround times. The QX full time employee model has solved this problem.

Director, Accountants and tax advisors in Basingstoke

testimonialThis is excellent work - well done! Please pass on my praise to your team. The job was completed in a timely manner and is well presented. We are very happy to do business with you.

Accountancy practice in Hampshire

testimonialWe have been using QX for some time now, having chosen them following a due diligence process that evaluated some of the other leading providers. We have been wholly satisfied with the service and quality of work. In fact, the impact on our practice has been transformational; my only regret is that we didn’t do it sooner. The quality of work is in fact BETTER than we would expect from our own staff of the same level, completed in much less time. Central to our success with QX has been the work of QXAS team and the relationship we have with them.

QX Finance & Accounts Outsourcing

Elizabeth Gooch, eg solutions plc

testimonial eg solutions plc outsourced to QX in February 2009 and we have been delighted with the service we receive. Apart from the cost savings this achieved we now have our Monthly Management Accounts produced much more quickly than previously and our processes are applied more rigorously. Outsourcing this aspect of our Finance Team freed up our Financial Controller to work on the more complex accounting policies and allows him to concentrate on providing specialist advice to our business on financial matters.

Chief Operating Officer, iQ Student Accommodation

testimonialSince contracting QX in summer 2010 I have been really impressed with the “QX approach” towards client accounting services. I believe they are special because they work to achieve the objectives of the client and as part of the UK team rather than just being a support or cost saver. Our Management Reporting has come on a quantum leap since we engaged QX. I would personally like to thank our QX colleagues for their dedication and the quality of work which they have been able to deliver on-time and consistently. It's been a real pleasure working with QX.

Julian Barford Finance Operations Manager, HCL Workforce Solutions

testimonialHaving worked in Healthcare recruitment for over 13 years with another leading Healthcare Recruitment Agency, I have a wealth of experience running a Finance Department based in the UK, overseeing payroll, Credit Control, Sales Ledger and Purchase Ledger. I had previously looked at the potential of outsourcing some of my payroll and accounting functions to India but did not feel this was going to add great value and would have been fraught with problems. Having now been with my current company for 9 months I am very happy to say it is a pleasure working with QX and I have been very impressed with the level of delivery both in accuracy, efficiency and value for money. The QX team are always more than helpful, very professional and accommodating and as a previous sceptic, I can honestly say that I have been converted to outsourcing through QX! The best compliment I can give to the team and the way our relationship works is that they are in effect an extended arm of our business and the relationship is the same as working with internal staff just based in another office.

QX Recruitment Services

Manager, An AIM quoted Recruitment company in London

testimonialAs a leading recruitment agency in the UK, we have always focused on delivering quality and highly personalized services to our clients. This topped the list of our requirements when we outsourced our accounting and payroll services to QX; we wanted our customers to see no difference in the efficiency. I am glad to say that that is precisely what you have delivered. Till date, not a single time sheet, VAT return or annual tax computation has been erroneous or behind schedule. Thank you for the excellent work! I look forward to doing more business with you.

Sara James, Managing Director, Thornbury Nursing Services

testimonialQX Recruitment Services had been successfully supplying a range of support services to another division in our group of companies for some time so we approached them to see what help they could provide for us. A trip to their offices opened our eyes to the extent of their capabilities and how they would be able to assist us. They have genuine healthcare sector knowledge which made a real difference in understanding our requirements and the speed with which they could implement a service for us. After in depth discussions, they now work alongside our existing recruitment and compliance teams, across the UK, providing compliance support work, database cleansing, job posting, online & mobile application screening, pre-interview calls with our healthcare workers and are managing a uniform invoicing service; key services which enable our recruitment and compliance teams to focus on what they need to without distractions. We are very satisfied with the transformation they have delivered to the way we operate – I definitely recommend them.

Kate Markova, Director of Strategy, Anglo Technical Recruitment

testimonialAfter heavily researching a number of leading providers for business process outsourcing, we chose to outsource our recruitment administration function to QX Ltd in December 2013 and immediately saw a big impact on overall productivity. So far, we have been wholly satisfied with the quality of QX’s services which has led to various enhancements across our administration function, allowing our employees in the UK to increase their focus on core business activities. This in turn has maximised sales and has also helped us to achieve huge cost savings. The relationship between Anglo and QX was has always been one of transparency, collaboration and partnership. It has been a pleasure working with QX Ltd and we have been very impressed with the professionalism, efficiency and overall value for money the company has delivered. We’d have no hesitations in recommending the team to those looking to outsource.

Leading recruitment company, London

testimonialQX Recruitment Services has impressed us with their excellent services. They have been responsive to all our requirements including additional reporting needs and staffing requests and really added value by helping us to refine our processes. Since beginning to work with QX our decision making and sourcing of quality candidates has improved significantly, so much so that we have added a number of clients. The team at QX feels just like our in house staff rather than an outsourcing supplier and they continue to deliver excellent results. We recommend QX Recruitment Services to companies who want to achieve optimum quality, efficiency and cost benefits with a great working relationship.

Michael Ellis, Director of Business Development, MSI Group

testimonialWe have been working with QX to provide our organisation with a strategic resourcing service aimed at a particular specialty of Medical Locums coupled with a maintenance /Compliance service for our Nursing business. It was evident that only after a short period of time that QX were the preferred partner for MSI due to the noticeable prompt results and first class service we received. The customer servicefrom both the recruiters and the team leaders and management support has been exceptional. I couldn't recommend them enough. Their success in securing excellent candidates has meant we plan to invest further into their services for our business throughout 2014/15.

QX Corporate Advisors

Ankit Shah, Director, MBH Architects Ltd.

testimonialWe are extremely pleased with the outstanding services provided by QX Corporate Advisors. They removed the challenges in company formation and other legal obligations we were facing and their professional advisors made it easy for us to get our business off the ground in a complex foreign environment by giving us their offices as a launch pad to operate from. Thanks to their constant consultation and advice we are in a strong position to take our business expansion to the next level. We strongly recommend QX Corporate Advisors to anyone who requires professional advice for setting up their business in India because they not only helped us with the decisions we needed to make, they also helped us to save costs.