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Mission statement


To work in collaboration with our customers to achieve the mutual success of our businesses.


Our mission is to deliver the very best of accountancy, finance and recruitment processes by placing our customers at the core of everything we do and by ensuring QX is a centre of excellence. We will deliver sector-leading customer service, lead the way with knowledge and insight, train and reward our employees and strive for excellence and outperformance at every stage. We will enhance our customers’ businesses by delivering services more efficiently and cost effectively than they can themselves.

Core values
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    RESPECT -  

    Consideration of our colleagues and our customers

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    Honesty and openness in everything we do

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    Being self disciplined, motivated, enthusiastic and willing to learn

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    EMPATHY -  

    Able to understand and share the feelings of our colleagues and customers

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    PASSION -  

    About the work we do and desire to do it right

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    Making sure we do what we say we will do and by when we say we will do it

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    Together we succeed

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    AMBITION -  

    Striving to deliver the best for our customers and colleagues