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Client type: GPs, NHS Trusts, Private Healthcare providers


Delivering savings to meet financial constraints

In this time of financial constraints, one of the hardest hit sectors is that of healthcare providers. QX Finance and Accounting Services helps them get closer to their new targets by undertaking non-critical functions such as finance and accounting (F&A) and payroll services to deliver faster processing, eliminating errors and staffing savings.

Improvements for everyone

Efficiency and staff experience go hand in hand. Employees want timely and accurate salary payments and employers want access to real time information (RTI) and a smooth and accurately delivered payroll service. QX provides a managed payroll service which not only makes organisations more efficient and current, but also improves the employees’ payroll experience.

Greater clarity brings greater control

The introduction of regularly measured, managed and updated SLAs and KPIs give companies full control over payroll, finance and accounts. Many of our clients are amazed at the information we can deliver from analysis of their finances and the difference it makes to their decision-making.

We stay on top of changing legislation so you don’t have to

Our accountancy and payroll teams stay a step ahead of the ever-changing raft of HMRC legislation by keeping clients compliant, paying people on time and meeting all HMRC and other obligations.

Delivering greater insight

The complex nature of GP funding is unravelled by QX to help GP practices to maximise their revenue. We couple that with the services of QX Finance & Accounting Services to deliver savings from their finance and accounts and payroll processes.

Why QX Finance & Accounts Outsourcing Services?

QX’s business began in the healthcare industry and it is one we understand well. This understanding brings added value in our servicing and delivery of finance, accounting and payroll for our healthcare clients. It helps us to identify the elements which will really make a difference for our clients.