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Public sector

Client type: Local Councils, Police, Public bodies and services


Introducing cost savings

With cuts in funding, local government is looking for solutions to enable it to continue to provide services without a drop in standards. Our public sector division of QX Finance and Accounting Services works closely with local government to do just that; by providing outsourced finance, accounts and payroll services at a cost far lower than they can deliver themselves, we help them to beat their budgets and meet their responsibilities.

Delivering what is required

Public sector staff are just like the private sector, they want to receive their pay on a daily, weekly or monthly basis on time and accurately. Their employers want to ensure it is not only delivered in a timely and accurate manner, they need to ensure they receive appropriate reporting. QX provides a managed payroll service which not only makes organisations more efficient, it also improves the employees’ payroll experience.

Cutting the cost, not the control

QX is able to provide our clients with the services of a complete finance team with detailed reporting and full financial analysis. For Directors and Heads of Finance this means more time to work on complex accounting policies and provide more specialist advice to their organisations. And all while achieving cost savings of up to 60% against current expenditure.

We stay on top of changing legislation so you don’t have to

Our accountancy and payroll teams stay a step ahead of the ever-changing raft of HMRC legislation by keeping clients compliant, paying people on time and meeting all HMRC and other obligations – making sure clients meet new HMRC guidelines before they come into force.

Why QX Finance and Accounts Outsourcing Services?

QX’s business began in the healthcare industry and therefore the public sector is one we understand well. This understanding brings added value in our servicing and delivery of finance, accounting and payroll for our public sector clients. It helps us to identify the elements which will really make a difference for our clients.