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Client type: Recruitment/Staffing agencies


Doing the things that make a difference

A large proportion of the work of a recruitment and staffing agencies is made up of back-office tasks – essential but time consuming; tasks that QX Recruitment Services can do day in and day out to free agency staff to focus on relationships and high value work. We can do everything from mailing out interview packs, provision of a complete compliance service to refreshing a database. Or we can help at the sharp end with direct recruitment sourcing and compliance to get the candidates they need for their clients.

Keeping it confidential

We supply our services to a number of competing recruitment agencies. We can do this because we run separate teams and do not provide shared services. Each client’s data is maintained completely separate from any other client’s; electronic data sharing is not physically possible. If we are working for a client then their allocated team works for them only.

Speeding up the system

The healthcare sector is one of fast response; competition is high and multi-agency contracts mean the fastest agency invariably wins the business. But if the jobs aren’t on their system, it doesn’t matter how fast their matching system is. Our teams can place jobs directly onto client systems as soon as they are received.

Finding someone special

Some employment sectors are under real pressure with massive shortages of skilled workers – take engineers for example where there is a growth in employment opportunities meeting a decline in engineering graduates. We can resource quickly, headhunting, job boards, social media, workplace mapping – a number of strings to our bow to find candidates fast. QX Recruitment Services employs skilled recruiters with expert knowledge of where to find such rare employees – so our clients can impress their clients.

Paying your contractors

In the UK agencies are faced with IR35, pay and bill combined with RTI (real time information), AWR (agency worker regulations) and pension auto enrolment – no wonder they struggle. The QX Finance & Accounting Services experts come to the rescue – they do the timesheet and payroll service so you don’t have to. You benefit from up-to-date HMRC knowledge and procedures, your contractors are paid on time, your credit control is managed and your bottom line has a rosy glow.

Why QX Recruitment Services?

Our fully trained staff are market leaders with their industry knowledge and specialisms regarding staffing types and back-office support strategies. We operate across the spectrum of recruitment sectors and our teams are targeted to really make a difference to our clients’ performance. Please visit our dedicated Recruitment Services website for more information.

Additional Services

Finance & accounts and payroll

QX Finance and Accounting Services provides finance and accounting (F&A) and payroll services to businesses, irrespective of their size. We work directly with them to analyse and interpret their financial data, delivering accurate financial information with variance commentary to feed business decisions. Our expertise in accounting services makes sure our clients achieve the best value and service for money.

Our team of qualified accountants has made huge differences to our clients, not only enabling them to reduce headcount where appropriate; they have also transformed their financial reporting.

Software supply

QX Software Services can deliver bespoke client management systems, purchase order systems, web sites and other software requirements to make the life of our recruitment agency clients a little easier.

Expanding your business

When a business looks to spread its wings and open up in other countries, QX Corporate Advisors is ready to help. Our team of experts provides vital insight and guidance for recruitment agencies looking to establish themselves in India and the UK. We are perfectly placed to take a company from initial set-up discussions through to regulatory compliances and assisting with recruiting.