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Helping a leading recruitment agency save 1.8 million pounds through payroll outsourcing


Our client is one of the biggest global recruitment providers for the healthcare industry, with several exclusive NHS trust contracts. They specialise in the provision of temporary and permanent health, social and admin workers to public and private sector clients. Payroll is a critical part of their business process.

Business challenge

Our client saw a large spike in the volume of timesheets to be processed, owing to a higher pace of growth. At the same time, high rates of attrition due to the repetitive nature of the tasks caused a dip in efficiency of processing timesheets. The combination of these factors led to:  

  • Rising operational costs of processing timesheets due to staff attrition, training new staff and staff continuity issues
  • Slower turnarounds on processing timesheet and high number of payroll adjustments drove costs further after business expanded
  • Frequent overpayments, high level of errors and too much time spent on resolving errors.
How QX helped

The client turned to QX F&A to continue their expansion and yet bring the overhead expenditure down. To control quality and ensure timely delivery, QX appointed a payroll transition manager, IT manager and a payroll processor at the client’s office in the UK. After carefully understanding the client’s payroll process, QX took care of their day-to-day payroll tasks and installed a bespoke Payroll Management Software (PMS) to automate the process. Within a short time frame we: 

  • Automated the payroll process to ensure fewer discrepancies
  • Increased accurate recording of data and time sheets of the staff
  • Introduced timely reporting to the client and management
  • Eliminated latency issues in reporting to NIL and achieved 100% tracking on payments
  • Delivered quick turnaround in payment processing
  • Digitised and centralised all records on a secure internet-based application
  • Began management of core deliveries by internal staff for uninterrupted services.
Benefits delivered
  • Delivered savings of £1.8 million on staffing over a seven year period
  • Reduced payroll adjustments by 96%
  • Increased retention rates of employees and ensured staffing continuity
  • Reduced the payroll department’s operating costs by over 50%
  • Over a period of time, we increased our process efficiency and dealt with a higher volume of timesheet processing and other tasks, while reducing workforce by 25%.
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