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Customer Announcement: Our Business Continuity During the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic

QX Limited
QX Limited
Covid 19

The global spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19) has led to an unprecedented situation, both for our clients and for us. QX took steps right at the outset to ensure service delivery to our clients and to maintain the safety of our staff.

To respond effectively to the current global situation, QX has been following World Health Organization and Government guidelines and policies to ensure the safety of our employees’ their family & society to prevent the spread of coronavirus contagion.

During the first stage, when the first few cases were detected in India, we took the below steps:

Ensuring our workplaces are clean: we stepped up the cleaning regimes by issuing hand sanitisers to all departments. Door handles are regularly disinfected. Company transportation is regularly cleaned. Employees, visitors and external guests are monitored for raised temperatures.

Promoting regular and proper hand-washing:  sending mails with everything the staff needs to know about hand washing. We placed posters around our building explaining what to do, based on CDC guidelines.

Travel advice: We ban non-essential travel and follow a clear plan for returning staff from foreign countries as well as guests, based on the guidance issues by the Indian authorities. QX cancelled all international business travel from March 2020. Employees returning from overseas and domestic travel were asked to go on paid self-isolation for 2 weeks.

Stay at home policy: we issued guidance of what to do for anyone that is feeling that they have symptoms of the virus. That advice is to stay at home.

Avoiding public gatherings: We postponed our Annual Event and cancelled monthly Birthday celebrations, R&R and Induction for March 2020 to avoid mass gatherings.

As the number of cases continued to rise in India, we took stronger measures.

QX equipped all security and housekeeping personnel with masks, gloves and sanitizers. We have been monitoring entire staff for real-time body temperature at every entry gate. Anyone with higher temperature of 98.5 Fahrenheit was sent to doctors and followed by self-isolation wherever it was necessary. We also temporarily removed the biometric attendance system until further notice Effective March 10, 2020.

Entire staff was educated on how to spot symptoms of coronavirus and were clearly advised to identify such employees to send them for medical help, followed by self-isolation. Sufficient sanitizer and tissues were made available at every entry exit point and on process floor, to encourage and facilitate self-hygiene and inspire everyone to clean their hands regularly.

In addition to the safety of the staff, continued service delivery in the face of the pandemic was our core objective.

In early March, QX deployed the BCP team and also set up a dedicated Covid-19 task force to liaise effectively with all our clients, staff and suppliers (ISP providers, catering, transport, admin support), with the aim of ensuring service delivery under difficult conditions.

We realised that under the extraordinary circumstances resulting from a pandemic that spread across cities and countries, a BCP based on maintaining extra office sites may not be enough; so, we liaised with our clients to implement a Work from Home (WFH) policy for critical processes. This included:

  • Assessment of current situation and availability of people and resources
  • Listing of top priority activities and key people
  • Decision on work from home or controlled work environment
  • Getting client consent on work from home on standard agreement.
  • Work from home IT and information security assessment for service activities.
  • Communication of continuity strategy with clients and stakeholders.
  • Employees agree and sign the work from home policy and code of conduct.

As part of Business Continuity Plan, all QX employees are instructed to stay at home effective March 23 and a majority of our staff is already working from home, delivering the services our clients require.

We remain committed to the safety of our staff and the success of our clients and will continue to deliver the support required during these challenging times.

Stay Calm – Stay Home – Stay in Touch



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