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QX 15th Annual Day wrap-up & award winners

QX Limited
QX Limited
QX 15th Annual Day wrap-up & award winnersQX 15th Annual Day wrap-up & award winners

QX celebrates its 15th anniversary with dance, fashion, fun and all things new.

There was glitter, glamour, entertainment, awards and a guest list comprising of overseas clients and corporate moguls from all around the globe. QX has ruled the roost and this year’s annual day event looked nothing short of a QX-customized Oscars ceremony.

Humming along to this year’s theme of ‘Integrate’, over a thousand QXites showed up to the event, dressed to their nines – a walking, moving image of the quality and excellence that the company is made up of.

A Night to Remember

The night kicked off with gratitude and honour for deserving team members from various departments and outstanding employees, who were recognized for their vision, successful endeavours and imbibing the QX core values like Passion, Respect, Ethics and integrity, Collaboration, Innovation, Self-awareness and Excellence, which are central to the company.

Some brand-new contests and trophies like the Shining Star awards and the Rockstar Rookie awards plucked out some talented debutants of the QX fraternity and brought them to the spotlight. Things took a turn when Chairman, Chris Robinson announced a surprise award for maximum attendance by a QX division. The Support team’s spotless attendance record took home the trophy.

What an event, truly awesome. With over 1,000 QXites attending, that was our highest participation in terms of number and also percentage,” said Executive Chairman, Chris Robinson on celebrating the 15 years of the company.

 “The annual day was just another reminder for how QXites are forerunners for stepping out of the box. This year was a stunner.”

Be Glad you Didn’t Miss it

Followed by the award ceremony, a retro-themed fashion show rolled on to the stage where QXites walked the ramp, clad in their timeless outfits. It certainly felt like a gush of oomph, haute couture and new blood has raided the air of the night as the crowds cheered on to their fellow peers acing a fine catwalk.

However, the centrepiece of the annual event took place when host Rashmi set the floor on fire with Garba grooves that brought together the audience as well A-listers like the Robinson brothers and some overseas clients (who can’t name for privacy purposes 😊 ) down to the dance floor while the rest of the packed house lauded the Garba circle.

Sounds like a wild night, right?

Certainly, the electricity and exuberance at the event was contagious. It goes to show that the first order of business for Qx-ites, remains in the integrity and unity of the QX fraternity.

There was a big splurge of talent on the stage,” said Frank Robinson, Group Commercial Director. It felt so great to be a part such an energetic crowd.”

The celebrations mellowed out with a seated five-course dinner laid out for all the robust appetites of the evening. By the time, the formal ceremony and dinner ended, all QX-ites had let their hair down and were ready dance to the tunes of the DJ. Whether it was the dance, awards or the entertainment, the energy was captivating. 


We have a Dream

We’ve come a long way since the original QX Annual Day in 2005. It’s now been 15 years since QX was founded and this event just goes to show how far we’ve come and where we’re headed. QX’s vision 3.0 of reaching 3000 team members by 2022 is now well on its way and we’re excited to see what the future has in store for us.

It might be participation and engagement that sits at the core of such a successful annual day ceremony, but what really made it come to life is the rigorous work of performers, administration team and the IT guys, who worked during and after work hours to make this night memorable. Luckily, we get to do this again, next year!

For more photos and employee reviews accompanying the event , please go to our Facebook page.



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