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QX Shines Through BSI Audits; Raises the bar for Data Security

QX Limited
QX Limited
QX Shines Through BSI Audits Raises the bar for Data SecurityQX Shines Through BSI Audits Raises the bar for Data Security

“The pleasures of ignorance are as great, in their way as the pleasures of knowledge.”

                                                                                                               - Aldous Huxley

Let’s face it, living is just easy with eyes closed. No matter how smart or educated you are, there are times when being ignorant has brought you bliss. In fact, there’s a certain kind of comfort attached to not knowing everything. 

But in 2003, when Chris Robinson came up with the concept of forming a company that’s built upon the pillars of Quality and Excellence – comfort was a distant thought. Decades later at QX, we still try to live by the same principles of rigor, analysis, observation and improvement that helps us stand out in our industry.

We like to introspect for continual growth and improvement. It’s uneasy, but we know that quality is always about making a constant intelligent effort; without sinking into the warm underpinnings of comfort.

The British Standards Institution or the BSI has been a big ally to help us achieve our standards of quality and excellence, through their persistent support. Last Friday, a total of six auditors from BSI conducted a thorough two-day audit of QX offices situated in Ahmedabad (The First and GNFC office) and our Baroda office. The audit was lengthy and strenuous but it was both – a pat on the back for all our successful endeavours and an eye-opener to improvement opportunities.

Apart from methodically evaluating our data processes, they toured the offices for a deeper look into the work environment of the company. They scoured through every desk, every register to understand how QX’s work culture itself, is designed for optimal quality and information security. Moreover, our quality and security management systems, ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 respectively, have also come through with flying colours, with re-certification, compliance and surveillance scores that themselves speak for QX’s diligence.

We have also garnered a lot of appreciation for our organisational culture, internal auditing processes as well as InfoSec control monitoring. Our IT Team, in particular, shined through for its support and steady service.

Every year, the BSI ISO audits come as a form of a realistic assessment of where we stand and how far we still need to go. At QX, we understand the value of quality over any form of comfort that feeds into ignorance. Through a system of routine audits and assessments, QX strives to meticulously revamp and improve its services and processes.

Huxley was correct in saying that there might even be just as much pleasure in ignorance as it is in knowledge. But somehow, knowledge still remains to be a pre-requisite; even when it comes to being aware of the pleasure that we find in our ignorance. 

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