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Travel for Work: What’s Anand’s UK Story? [And his tips on how to travel in style]

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Anand's UK MemoriesAnand's UK Memories

Anand Bhagat,
Team Leader, QX F&A

Hometown: Ahmedabad, India

College: SM Patel Institute of Commerce

A work-trip to remember: I just came back from one! I went to the UK for a transition training and I was geared up for just work but the trip turned out to be a whole lot of fun.

My sister lives in London, you see, so I thought I peek in a visit after work but we ended up going to Derby over the weekend, to watch some horse-racing. It sure was lucky venture because I bet £6 pounds on one and ended up winning £11!

I’d wrap up all my work by 5 and scout the city for the rest of evening. The London art scene was a sight to behold – SOHO, The Tate Modern. I checked out a few pubs too – the French House at Soho, The Cross Keys, The Star Tavern – they were historic, big and full of tradition English charm.

Needless to say, I shopped all the way through Oxford street and picked up some chocolates for my colleagues and manager too. Now when I think back, I think I made the most out of my trip.

One British thing I’ve picked up: I am absolutely astonished at the non-judgy attitude of Londoners. You could take as many selfies on the street, without thinking about looking stupid or getting judged by people around. Everyone’s really minding their own business.

It’s not quite the same as indifference because they’re helpful too. I almost lost my way while taking the train from London to Paddington and a bunch of people helped me get on to the right train.

I think we could all use some British ‘mind your own business’ attitude in our lives.

A travel tip when travelling on business: I think travel anxiety is a real thing. No matter how regularly you travel, planning for a trip abroad often stresses you out. I think everything works out and you should just with the flow, enjoy and be confident, wherever you go.

What do I like about working at QX:  Three and half years ago, I joined QX as an accounts officer and since then, I have never looked back. I just love this feeling of constantly growing and moving forward. I love the rush, the constant flux that I’ve experienced in my career since I joined QX. No day is boring and no task feels mundane.

I am now a Team leader and hoping to be promoted as a Manager soon – keeping my fingers crossed.

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