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Travel for Work: What’s Jignesh’s UK Story? [And his tips for travelling on business]

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Jignesh's UK MemoriesJignesh's UK Memories

Jignesh Darji,
Assistant Manager, QXAS

Hometown: Baroda, Gujarat, India

College: Maharaja Sayajirao University, Baroda

What I do : I have been a QXite for the last 11 years. I started out as a Senior Accountant and now – a decade later, I work as an Assistant Manager and lead a team of 15 accountants. We complete the books and balance sheets for our accounting clients in the UK and keep an eye on everything that goes out in the reports.

A work-trip to remember: I’ve been to the UK quite a few times for but my favourite work trip was my 2016 UK visit. My client arranged for a trip to the Buckingham Palace. All the staff members from my client’s office tagged along and it was memorable! We went to Madame Tussaud’s Museum and the Lord’s after. Being a cricket fan, the whole thing felt incredible.

Something British I’ve picked up: I picked up the polite English manners. Life is pretty fast in London but people don’t ever think twice before stopping and helping someone in need of help.

A travel tip when travelling on business: Brush-up some general knowledge about the public transport of the city you are travelling to. 

What do I like about working at QX: I am a big fan of the management here at QX. It’s transparent, structured and so well-put. I think the strong management style has what kept me anchored to the company for over a decade now.

I’ve realised that if you give your all at work here in QX, then you will be rewarded with opportunities and promotions to climb the ladder. Irrespective of what your background is, every candidate gets ample of opportunities and chances to bring out their best at work.

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