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Travel for Work: What’s Ravi’s UK Story? [And his adventures in Andover]

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Ravi's UK MemoriesRavi's UK Memories

Ravi Parikh,
Senior Accountant, QXAS

Hometown: Halol, Gujarat, India

College: The Maharaja Sayajirao University, Baroda

What I do : I take care of the reviewing processes – whether its files, accounts or the books. I lead a team of four hardworking accountants and together, we prepare the accounts for UK based clients. I’ve changed many roles since the time I started out as an assistant accountant five years ago at QX.

A work-trip to remember:  Every trip to the UK is something that will stay with me forever. A major highlight from my recent trip was when my colleagues and I went looking for Indian food in Andover and then bumped into a Punjabi-restaurant that was run by Bangladeshi owners. You couldn’t tell by the food though; it was so authentically Punjabi. The diversity in UK amuses me every time!

Something British I’ve picked up: I think I’ve picked up the British “stiff upper-lip” thing. I try to be as calm and composed as the British are while making way through hordes of people in the city or any kind of tense situation. 

A travel tip when travelling on business: The jet lag shouldn’t affect your work. Your body will accommodate to the surroundings and time better than you think it will.

What do I like about working at QX: There’s just so much that my team leader teaches me to get ahead at work. I think I share a great bond with him that’s purely based on our love of accounting. Apart from that, I love how the set-up of my office helps me work and be more productive – it’s personalised yet professional.

I could be working for hours but it doesn’t drain me out – there’s great people, conversations and coffee right around the corner for me to disconnect from work and take a nice break. There’s ample of space for you to ideate, be creative and come back to your desk full of new ideas. I think the QX’s offices are just getting better and better with time.

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