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Business advice

QX Corporate Advisors Limited is playing a vital role in the business landscape, offering strategic, operational and technical advice to UK business that are considering operating in India and Indian businesses looking to establish themselves in the UK.

What kind of advice does QX Corporate Advisors offer?

We offer business advice on how to overcome challenges that organisations in the UK and India come across while trying to establish themselves abroad including:

  • How to and which business structure to set up
  • How to secure investment, loans, capital and finance
  • Meeting legal and regulatory compliance
  • Business management support
  • Cross border tax
  • Due diligence on joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions
  • Accounting, finance and payroll
Recruitment and IT back office functions

Additionally, clients will also receive training, support and networking opportunities directly related to the above services.

Wherever you are in your process – from an idea to an established business – we have the people, processes and business contacts in place to take you on the journey. We take the mystique out of the legal systems, financial systems and employment regulations of each country with an appointed representative looking after your interests.

And once your business is established, we can continue to support you with finance and accounting, payroll, recruitment services and other operations requirements.