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Recruitment process outsourcing

The recruitment process has gone through a major shift over the last decade and is expected to go through further changes over the next decade. The talent acquisition process is not what it used to be anymore:

Candidate sourcing efforts now require a people-centric approach
New sourcing channels have come into play
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and AIs are on the rise
Recruitment marketing is becoming a critical part of the business strategy
Data-driven recruiting with corrective and preventive action integration has become a necessity, rather than a luxury.

In this everchanging landscape, staffing and recruiting agencies today are under continuous pressure to reassess their service delivery strategy.

QX RPO Services, operating since 2003, delivers complete offshore recruitment support from India, easing the recruitment burden of these staffing agencies based in the UK and USA.

QX RPO Services

We are the master vendors for some of the biggest staffing agencies based in the UK and US. We completed recruitment of over 10,000 Full-time Equivalents (FTEs) and Full-time Contracts (FTCs) in the last year, including IT, healthcare, and engineering industries. Based on requirements and the service level agreement (SLA), we provide our clients with a dedicated team of offshore RPO professionals; a team of their choosing to take care of their 360-degree demands which include front-office, mid-office and back-office. Regardless of where you are based, our service offerings ensure compliance with local laws such as IR35, GDPR, EEOC, OFCCP, Agency Worker Regulations, and Right to Work (RTW) legislation. QX RPO offers:

1. Offshore Sourcing Support

With several talent sourcing tactics at their disposal, our trained team of sourcing experts are well equipped to fill your agency’s permanent, contract and temporary job requisition. You get to work with dedicated active and passive sourcers depending on your requirements. Delivering a positive candidate experience is ingrained at the core of this team. Whether you need to fulfil urgent vacancies or build a talent pool, take help from QX offshore sourcing support to meet your client’s hiring needs with ease.

Resume/CV sourcing
Proactive CV sourcing carried out by our active sourcers to build a talent pipeline to fulfil your immediate job requirements.
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Passive sourcing
Candidate sourcing carried out by our passive sourcers to build a talent pool of candidates for future vacancies.
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Database regeneration
Revitalise your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) with the database of the most competent and relevant applicants.
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2. Offshore Recruitment Support

Why outsource when you can offshore? As mentioned earlier, you get to screen and choose your team of recruiters and sourcers. Consider QX recruitment support as an extension of your in-house team; only without the added burden of overhead and other associated costs, and one that is available 24x7 to provide resolution to any escalations you may face. Offshoring recruiting tasks will also allow you to focus on your core business processes and achieve sustainable and scalable growth.

Out-of-hours support
Regardless of the day or time, an offshore recruitment services team will be at your disposal 24x7 to sort out any unforeseen escalations.
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Pre-employment checks
Ensure complete compliance and compatibility with thorough pre-employment checks of candidates, one of the core parts of our recruitment support service.
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Administrative support
Streamline & optimise your processes; give your applicants a positive recruitment experience with the help of our efficient admin and back-office service.
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3. 360° Recruitment support

Experience 360-degree recruiting service that covers every nook and cranny of the talent acquisition lifecycle, from lead attraction to onboarding and client management. This process encompasses sourcing, screening, pool building, interviewing, shortlisting, negotiating, pre-employment screening, onboarding, and timesheet and payroll management.

Offshore Recruitment team
With QX, you get to work with a dedicated team of sourcers and recruiters, who are experienced and trained to cater to all the phases of the recruitment lifecycle.
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Candidate pre-screening and compliance
The 360° recruitment support team pays special attention to the pre-screening procedure and takes steps to ensure compliance with local legislation.
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Talent pool generation
The support team also prioritises building a talent pool of relevant talent in the market and prepare a quality database of candidates in the ATS to meet future requirements.
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4. F&A and Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll process management can get strenuous for recruitment agencies managing thousands of timesheets on a daily basis. It gets even more taxing if these firms are unable to invest in accounting software to optimise this process. Partner up with us for recruitment payroll outsourcing and let our experts take care of your finance and accounting duties including, but not limited to, credit control, timesheet generation & processing, query management, and reporting and analysis.

5. International Recruitment

Are you planning to explore the global talent marketplace to procure candidates for your locally based client? Or do you need to place local candidates at international job locations? Our international talent acquisition support team is equipped to deliver multilingual recruitment services, ensuring the talent you talk to are culture fit and job fit. Our team will be accountable for the completion of necessary registrations and documentation, visa procedure support, and stay in touch with international candidates continually to ensure compliance with the required policies and legislation.

Snapshot | QX Recruitment Services
QX Recruitment | Origin of Offshoring in India

The chairman of QX, Chris Robinson, is the pioneer of the offshore recruitment industry in India. He established an offshore delivery centre in Ahmedabad, India in 2003. The process commenced with five employees offering offshore RPO and payroll to one client in the UK. Now, 17 years down the line, QX offices house 1300+ employees in India, catering to 40+ recruitment agencies in the UK, USA and Europe.

QX is, now, regarded as one of the best end-to-end RPO and payroll service providers in India.

QX RPO UK Services
If your recruitment business is based in the UK, get in touch with QX RPO UK Services, one of the best RPO for UK staffing and the first GDPR-compliant certified service provider in India.
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QX RPO USA Services
For the staffing businesses based in the USA, QX RPO US Services delivers candidates promptly and ensures that EEOC, OFCCP, SOC2 and other compliance regulations.
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