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Web design

For over 10 years, our people in the Software services division have been helping clients propel into the future so they can communicate better through their websites. Here’s a standard web design and development process we’ve put together from our experience:

Planning and requirements analysis

One of the most important stages as this sets the pace for the entire project. Along with studying your current analytics reports we will identify your target audience, website objectives, goals and competitive advantages.


Using information gathered from the client during the planning stage, we begin designing the layout using a wireframe. To allow for easy modification, we’ll design mock-ups in Photoshop and present at least 3 unique design styles to choose from.


This stage involves programming work as well as adding content. We constantly refer to planning details set out earlier and build a development framework which includes coding templates for each page type. All our designs are responsive which means they are designed to optimise visually across mobiles and small tablet devices. And if a client wants to create, manage, store and edit their content in-house, our designs can be integrated into a content management system (CMS) which allows them to control their online identity with no programming requirement. At this stage, we also develop and test fancy features, interactivity, links and website functionality.


This stage involves polishing of design elements, testing of interactivity and most importantly user experience. Using diagnostic tools like HTML validators, broken-link checkers, website health checks and spell-checkers among other things, we identify if the website is behaving unexpectedly. At this point we also check if the website displays correctly, is error-free and functions properly across a range of browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. From there the website is transferred to a live server and monitored for any last minute changes.


At this point, we take care of all the tasks related to finishing of the project which might include providing source files, instructions for use, final documentation, user training, hosting and maintenance.

As stated above, this is a standard process and will be customised according to client requirements.

We provide web design outsourcing services to pharmaceutical clients, healthcare companies and accountancy firms.

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