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Our divisions

Our divisions reflect our client groups and enable us to better target our services, knowledge and experience to meet our clients’ needs. Each of our divisions is staffed with enthusiastic teams who are fully trained and qualified to provide dedicated services.

Our separate divisions do not mean separated services. A client can benefit from the services of a number of divisions, a recruitment agency which requires database cleansing from QX Recruitment Services and payroll for its contractors from QX Business Services for example will receive both but from a single source with seamless delivery and central invoicing.


QX Accounting Services

Our finance and accounting services are designed to support our UK accountancy clients to transform their business by reducing their costs and releasing time to focus on practice growth and not on clerical and back-end compliance functions. We enable them to grow by providing access to specialist software and accountancy personnel so they can offer additional services without incurring the associated overheads. We provide everything from a tax expert to a full time outsourced team working directly for the client.

QX Accounting Services Ltd is a member of the ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales) and the ACCA (Association of Chartered Accountants).

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Our American division is managed by accountants experienced in American accounting standards who ensure we are always one step ahead of the legislative changes. They work with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to meet the needs of a constantly changing regulatory landscape and provide our clients with a quality outsourced accountancy service. We have found this is particularly sought-after in the high-pressured American tax season.

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QX Software Services

Our Software Services division provides IT support and solutions to our clients to help them in the day-to-day activities of their business. The deep client relations developed by our other divisions often highlights instances where the introduction of an IT solution could make a real difference and we have the capability to design and build bespoke systems and websites to meet this requirement.

Our clients cross the spectrum of businesses and the software solutions cross the spectrum of software requirements. We provide services and websites to pharmaceutical clients, healthcare and accountancy firms and specialised businesses where an understanding of their requirements can give an edge over ‘off-the-shelf’ alternatives.

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QX Recruitment Services

QX Recruitment Services is a skilled provider of recruitment and associated support services into the UK recruitment sector. We operate across many industries and our client agencies have placed thousands of candidates that we have sourced for them and are able to deliver an improved service because we are there behind them. We operate on a dedicated service model, not shared service as we have proved that this delivers better results for our clients.

Not only do we provide everything from database cleansing to headhunting, we also deliver payroll and accountancy services, undertake compliance work and supply out-of-hours team so our clients can offer a 24-hour service.

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QX Corporate Advisors

QX Corporate Advisors provides vital insight and guidance for businesses looking to establish themselves in India and the UK.

As a subsidiary of QX Holdings Ltd with offices in the UK, USA and India, we are perfectly placed to take a business from their initial set-up discussions through to regulatory compliances or assisting with recruitment.

Whilst we are based in Ahmedabad, we have associates based in the other major cities within India to ensure no matter where it is best for a client’s business to be established, we can rely on local knowledge and expertise.

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QX Finance and Accounting Services

We provide payroll and accountancy outsourcing services to a range of private and public companies across the UK. We deliver dramatic reductions in finance and accounting operations’ costs with a customised solution by transforming the way our clients’ finance departments operate. We help to reduce cost and complexity, improve cash flow, simplify regulatory compliance and deliver improved visibility and control. Our F&A teams are trained to UK standards and work to pre-defined KPIs to deliver the agreed cost savings and efficient services. More than 25% of QX staff have worked in the UK previously and have first-hand experience of the UK working environment.

We provide payroll services to a range of organisations right from small start-ups to big enterprises. We also provide specialised payroll services to suit certain sectors and run a daily payroll for recruitment agencies.

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