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Department : Learning & Development(HR)

Location: Ahmedabad
Closing date: 30/09/2018

The Head of Learning and Development leads the training and development department, overseeing all activities of his junior team members. He/she leads the department in the creation of training programs and materials. This role demands the ability to work collaboratively as well as independently, while handling multiple projects.

The Head of Learning and Development leverages analysis of ongoing programs in order to ensure that quality training is provided to business departments and that there is a constant improvement in training programs and initiatives. This role requires to work closely and in collaboration with various department heads and employees in developing unique and effective training solutions specific to the different departments.



The Head of L&D plays a primary role of leading the training and development department and providing direction to junior management and personnel. He/she imparts Training support systems to the junior department, enabling them to better execute their duties by sharpening their skills. Also assesses and effects changes in the training team’s structure in order to meet the business’s growth goals.

The Head of L&D, in this capacity, provides direction and development of lasting leadership development programs within the business.

Additionally directs team processes ensuring all new hires receive high-quality orientation and on-boarding experiences in order to maintain a high employee performance level.

The Head of L&D also plays a mentorship role to key training personnel, assisting in the execution of their duties upon request, honing their skills, and getting them ready for the occupation of his position.


The Head of L&D plays a lead strategic role, overseeing the creation of content, e-learning, collateral and other training materials that will impact behaviour-changing training using various training theories inclusive of job aids, facilitator and participant guides, on-the-job training systems, tutorials, and demonstration models.

In this capacity, the Head of L&D also drives the development of programs that incorporate overall business objectives such as the business’s financial goals. He also develops and maintains interactive learning solutions that drive measurable results for the business and guarantee that those solutions are instructionally sound and are up to the business’s quality standards.


  • The Head of L&D also plays a highly collaborative role where he builds solid cross-functional relationships with departmental heads and management across the business.
  • He/she partners with other human resource department heads and management in order to determine program priorities, roll-out plans, set program deadlines, and ROI analytics.
  • The Head of L&D also collaborates with departmental heads and managers, in order to identify areas that requiring training and also to develop program requirements unique to each department.
  • Also works closely with key stakeholders in addressing gaps in the overall training mission.




  • The Head of L&D also plays an analytical role where he conducts current and ongoing strategic assessments of business-wide training and development programs and initiatives.
  • In this capacity, he is tasked with the creation of testing and evaluation processes of the effectiveness of training programs.
  • The Head of L&D measures program delivery quality, which ensures continuous improvement, maintenance, and adjustment in program delivery approaches accordingly in order to maintain pace with business growth.
  • Finally, in this capacity, the Head of Training and Development reports results to senior training and development management and key stakeholders for further and strategic decision making and to influence informed decision making.


  • The Head of L&D is also responsible for maintaining knowledge in the department, keeping it up to date with the latest training practices, trends, and technology.


  • Master’s degree in Training & Development, Human Resources, Psychology, Business, or any other related field.
  • An equivalent of the same in working experience is also acceptable for the position.



  • A candidate for this position will have at least 5 years in working experience in a training and development capacity in a large business setting.
  • A suitable candidate will also have gathered his/her working experience working in a complex matrix set-up with diversified business departments.
  • The candidate will also have proven and successful experience facilitating training campaigns through instructional design concepts, adult learning concepts, and technology.
  • A suitable candidate will also have demonstrated successful experience leveraging technology in order to deliver training in new ways.


  • Communication skills are imperative for this position, firstly due to the leadership capacity, the clarity in which information and instructions are passed down from the Head of Training and Development to the junior personnel will be a great determinant of the performance of the department.
  • Communication skills will also be necessary in facilitating smooth communications between the Head of L&D and the various departmental heads management, and key stakeholders in the business, ensuring clear communication of messages and, hence, ensuring proper execution of training programs.
  • A candidate for this position will have the ability to identify performance improvement opportunities and gaps, conduct analyses, and develop solutions that will deliver the desired results through training programs.
  • The candidate will also need to have knowledge of instructional methodologies, progression theory, learning evaluation models, and various delivery methods.
  • A candidate for this position must be a strategic and creative thinker, he will be detail and result oriented, be open and welcoming to change, be comfortable working in group settings, be self-motivated working under minimal supervision, have an ability to handle multiple projects and meet tight deadlines, and demonstrate composure under stress and in times of uncertainty.
  • The candidate for this position must demonstrate an ability to develop strong relationships with others and leverage those relationships across the business by influencing management to take up training programs that ultimately influence the overall performance of the business.



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