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Work culture

The QX work culture focuses on how we do something rather than what we do. We are a modern outsourcing company brought to life by a team of young, energetic and fun loving people.

We work hard, but we play harder, like on annual company events such as the QX Sports Day (which can be pretty competitive). We like to reward hard work and employees who do more than we would expect them to.


At QX, we talk a lot about teamwork. All our business units are made up of teams from different divisions, located at four offices across three continents. Within each team all individuals possess their own areas of expertise but the long-term responsibilities for each project are shared. For the successful completion of a job all our people work collaboratively and flexibly. This encourages even the newest recruits to ask questions and come up with ways to improve our services and products.


It’s a given that work at times can get a little stressful. We believe a strong head and a good heart are a formidable combination for success. Therefore it is important that all of us must stay in good health – mind, body and spirit.

To shake off any stressful emotions and improve the health, well-being and quality of our employees we have Fun Fridays – days full of simple games and activities that offer a nice break from day-to-day activities. To ensure a good mental mood we have a stocked cafeteria for snacks, carom boards and a DVD collection, discounted membership at a sports academy, a book library and even a ping-pong table to help you unwind.

Giving back

Everyone at QX knows that we are privileged to have jobs that make us happy. We understand how fortunate we are to have got the education we have.

We also realize that young people hold the key to any country’s future. So to ensure that we give a lending hand to people in need, we equip children from a disadvantaged background with a weapon strong enough to enhance the quality of life for themselves and their community through our annual commitment to ‘Bring a smile on a child’s face’. Every year, we fund and facilitate the education of local children in the city of Ahmadabad.

In 2013, QX Educational Trust raised Rs. 148,000 for the cause and funded education for 16 children. This event is generally followed by a small afternoon party for the kids with a trip to a local shopping mall. We plan to keep dedicating our time and energy to this amazing cause.

Women on work

Our WOW group operates to support the women who work for us. We have regular meetings in work time and look at everything from nutrition to balancing work and home life to yoga sessions.